Monday, October 31, 2011


Faith is the word on the artwork for this week. When I painted this artwork I really didn't think too much about the meaning. Now that I'm typing this post, I realize that the word "faith" has different meanings.

The obvious meaning is the religious. Faith can also mean having confidence or trust in someone or something. Additionally, it can be a belief that is not based on evidence.

What comes to mind when you hear the word "faith"?


  1. Faith is just believing, period. I believe in you, period, nothing to do with anything else. I think I love your word of the week. Life is too short to make too much of nothing.

  2. Each of your "inspiration" works sets me thinking and this is a good thing. When beauty and artistic inspiration are coupled with such a word as "faith" good things happen in the human spirit. I also believe in you and your inherent sense of thought provoking artistry. I just wish that all your graffiti inspiration pieces were mine...ALL MINE.

  3. Thank you joanell and Linda for your comments. It good to know that people are reading and thinking about my blog posts.