Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Every day I learn something.
Sometimes it's a just small tidbit.
I value everything I learn equally.
What have you learned recently?


  1. As the years pass, I learn every day that I know less and less and there is always more to learn and to relearn from a different perspective.

  2. Thanks soooo much! We love learn and will forever display it in out Computer training room. It shall serve as a reminder to the senior beginning computer class, that learning is evermore, art is everywhere, and somtimes the internet connects them both. (ps shane wont stop smiling)

    teaching is learning. when you teach or help someone, you solidify your information. your understanding continues to grow, even subjects you feel you know.

  3. Thanks!!! I was lucky enough to find this second piece!!! I was overjoyed and have shared it on our branch Facebook page- http://www.facebook.com/LAPLHarborCityBranch

  4. I'm so happy that this piece of artwork is being shared and enjoyed. Shane's request was the inspiration to leave "learn" at your library. Connecting with people by sharing my art is why I doing this project. I’m so excited!

  5. It's great that those who are finding your Graffiti Inspirations are letting you know that they have it. It's particularly great that the folks who found your "Learn" painting are using it to spark learning! Wowie! How great is that!!