Sunday, March 18, 2012


I decided to play this weekend instead of cleaning my place. So, I thought "Play" would be a great word for this week's artwork. I hope everyone can make some time to play in this coming week.


  1. Found this little gem walking back from a good lunch, after a good hike.

    More people need to remember how to play. <3

    Growing up means being responsible for our actions, it doesn't mean one has to stop playing.

  2. I'm so happy that you found this artwork! I agree that people need to remember to play. You can be an adult and still play.

  3. It was actually very obvious, but i was suprised seeing many people pass it. Prompted a discussion of the experiment done by the washington post and joshua bell. Lots of questions about what is/defines art and beauty... and also where are attention lies in our current society. For me this piece served as an example of my original stance on the washington posts experiment. They did the performance in the morning... and well i don't function in the morning.

    Could have been jesus christ playing violin, and unless he was handing out coffee also, i doubt i would have noticed.

    I spotted your art just after lunch, and had the time and mind to be able to enjoy it. And great color in the light.

    I hope to see other people post about it since i am cusious about their comments.

    Going to look for it tomorrow since i will be in the same area.

  4. I googled the Washington Post/Joshua Bell experiment. Very interesting.

    My hope for this project is that people will pick up the art and keep it.........and enjoy it. If the artwork is still there today and if you want it, please feel free to pick it up. It's destine to be yours.

    I have re-visited the places I have left artwork. All have been removed but not everyone has posted comments on this blog. I have come to terms that some of the artwork may have thrown away. That's okay. It's part of the risk of leaving artwork in public places.

    Thank you for your comments and participation in this project. I really enjoy reading your comments.

  5. Here is yet another work of art that lifts the spirit while gracing the world with creativity. If a piece disappears but no feedback is posted on your blog, you might think about it this way...Perhaps someone who does not have computer access found your work. Maybe even a recently homeless soul found your art and you could have bought beauty and light into a person's life which might not have much sunshine. Your "Art" Graffiti Inspirations is front and center in my living room and it always jump starts my day with possibilities.

  6. That's a wonderful way of looking at it, Linda. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.